International Development and Disaster Relief  
together we can change lives

Rotary New Zealand assists its partners in providing support to those living in poverty or affected by natural disasters. Our goal is to create sustainable outcomes - in the form of a hand up rather than a handout.

Join us in our efforts to relieve suffering and poverty in developing countries. Rotary's motto, Service Above Self, is at the heart of everything we do.

We provide:

Disaster relief. When our Pacific neighbours require immediate assistance following a cyclone, tsunami or earthquake, we distribute Emergency Response Kits. Once the initial response has passed, we help local people rebuild their lives. This might involve repairing homes, schools and hospitals, restoring water supplies and sanitation, and so on.

International development. We assist struggling communities make long-lasting improvements to their economic and social circumstances. We provide funding, project management expertise and experienced mentors to build capacity in affected communities so that they can become self-sufficient.


Emergency Response Kits

People can lose everything, including loved ones, when disaster strikes. You can help in a practical way. Help survivors get through the first days by providing Emergency Response Kits. Kits contain basic equipment so that a family can construct a simple shelter and clothe themselves. There are essentials such as tools, toiletries, first aid supplies and household items.

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Eradicate Polio

We need your help to create a polio-free world. Your donation helps us vaccinate children. For 30 years Rotary has worked with its partners towards eradicating this highly infectious and crippling disease but there are still children who remain unprotected. As long as one child remains infected with the virus, children everywhere are at risk. Help us immunise children now.

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Partner Projects

It’s all about teamwork. Without your generosity, partner projects in developing countries cannot be funded. But it takes more than money to really change lives. It takes compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves, expertise in many areas, stewardship, mentoring, capacity building and a can-do attitude – all of which we are able and keen to facilitate.

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Disaster Relief

Working with Civil Defence and other agencies in the Pacific, Rotary New Zealand provides rapid response when there are humanitarian crises such as the devastating floods in Fiji. Donations help us provide Emergency Response Kits and other basic needs. We also support and work with our partners in the recovery phase.

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Cash donations urgently needed to help Fiji

Cyclone Winston will probably be recorded as the worst Pacific disaster in terms of loss of property and livelihoods. We have a huge task ahead to help those affected.

Rotary Fiji's response to the plight of its people has been incredible. To get Emergency Response Kits and Food Packs to the two main and outlying islands, they've teamed up with generous local businesses that have provided transport via land, sea and air.

Stories coming in from Rotary Clubs across Fiji are similar. Taveuni Island is an example. It has a population of 18,000. There are 15 villages, 4,500 families, 19 schools and 171 school staff quarters. 90% of houses, all schools and staff quarters have been wrecked or severely damaged. The good news is that the 13 preschools Rotary built withstood the Cyclone.

Everywhere affected, Fijians are clearing the debris, salvaging what they can and using it to build shelters until more permanent structures can be built. A focus for NGOs such as Rotary is to get schools open. A priority is to repair or replace staff quarters so teachers don't leave the schools and return to their villages.

The funds you donate will be used to help with the emergency response and soon, the recovery phase. They may be used to repair schools and teachers' accommodation, support families to rebuild their homes, re-establish vegetable gardens, and/or for health and education purposes.

As a Registered Agency for Charitable Services CC26860, your donation qualifies for a tax credit. Details on how to donate under News on this page.

Note: There has been some incorrect information in the media regarding the source of our funding. 90% of the cost of Emergency Response Kits comes from Rotary and its supporters and from the public. In recent years, the New Zealand Government has contributed 10% and on a few occasions has provided airlift from New Zealand. As well as funding, there is a huge effort on the part of many volunteers who lend their time and skills to this cause.

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Your donation to Rotary New Zealand's projects greatly assists our work. Thank you. Your gift is appreciated and is tax-deductible in New Zealand. 

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We have dispatched 714 Rotary Emergency Response Kits to areas affected by devastating Cyclone Winston. Another 300 are on their way. We have also distributed Family Food Packs. Each Pack feeds a family of four for a week. Much more help is needed as we move from the emergency response phase to recovery.

Please come to the aid of our neighbours in Fiji by making a cash donation at any Westpac branch or via internet banking to our RNZWCS Westpac account 03 1702 0192208 01 (Ref 666). You may also donate on Givealittle.

Read more about our efforts and appeal for donations on this page. Thank you.


Tonga has been badly affected by the El Nino drought which has destroyed crops, caused soil to deteriorate and made it difficult for farmers and households to grow sufficient food.

Rotary New Zealand together with partners in Tonga have been providing water tanks to vulnerable Tongan communities to help deal with the effects of the drought. 

Farmers and households will receive agricultural supplies such as vegetable seeds and crop-tolerant seedlings and hand tools like watering cans, hoes, spades and wheelbarrows where needed. Any donations, large or small, enable us to continue this vital work.

Cheques payable to RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand) (address on this page) or by internet banking: 03 1702 0192208 01 (please put your name in the reference field with code 303) or at any branch of Westpac Bank using the account above, or donate to Disaster Relief on this page.