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Rotary New Zealand - Serving communities in developing countries

Rotary New Zealand World Community Service was established to facilitate the international aid and development work undertaken by New Zealand Rotarians and their partners. 


Service Above Self is Rotary’s motto. Serving others, especially those less fortunate than ourselves, is a big part of what service should be about. Rotarians serve their own local communities and also their wider international community. Rotary New Zealand was established to facilitate the international aid and development work undertaken by New Zealand Rotarians.

Who is RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand)?

New Zealand Rotarians partner in a variety of humanitarian projects, many of them in the Pacific though there are others in countries such as Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, India and Nepal. International community service sometimes brings Rotary clubs from two or more countries together to serve one of their communities through a particular project. It’s true teamwork as there are always a number of other parties involved – local people in the project itself, governments, local authorities, and other partner NGOs. There is a great deal of work required in the background to ensure that projects Rotary New Zealand is involved in are well managed and as sustainable as possible. This is why RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand) was established.

In brief, we assist in the selection, scoping, management and funding of international projects. We also encourage New Zealanders to participate in project activities by inviting them to donate funds and/or where the situation calls for it, to volunteer as mentors. We also liaise with governments, insurance underwriters, corporate affairs commissioners and other bodies and departments.

RNZWCS Limited is a professionally run company that represents and works for all Rotarians in New Zealand. Board members serve for up to three years and may be elected for a second term.

The present officers are:

Chairman: Tony Fortune email: amf@fmlaw.co.nz

Executive Director: Stuart J Batty email: info@rnzwcs.org

District 9910: Bruce Morrison email: bmorrison@xtra.co.nz

District 9920: Jeanette Drysdale email: drysdale_ja@xtra.co.nz

District 9930: Lynne Joseph email: lynne1.joseph@xtra.co.nz

District 9940: Nick Hurley email: nickhinbrisbane@me.com

District 9970: Valda Cordes email: valda.cordes@xtra.co.nz

District 9980: David Black email: projectstarfishnz@gmail.com

The Board appoints an executive director to undertake company operations. Stuart Batty is the current executive director and administrator.  Email: stuart.batty@rnzwcs.org

How is RNZWCS Limited funded?

Rotarians and the public generously support Rotary New Zealand’s work overseas. In addition, since 1997, Rotary New Zealand has been responsible for development grants worth NZ$10 million, and from 2005, has received funding for its emergency response projects from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Humanitarian Response Fund.


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