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Emergency Response Kits

Emergency Response Kits are distributed following disasters including tsunami, cyclones and floods in Oceania and the South Pacific. Families can lose everything when disasters strike and they need help immediately. In a few short minutes, an earthquake, tsunami, flood or cyclone can take away whole villages - loved ones, homes, belongings, crops and animals, livelihoods. You can assist in a practical way by helping New Zealand Rotarians supply distressed and displaced families with Emergency Response Kits (ERKs).

In an emergency, the most pressing need is for basic supplies to help a family survive the first few days. They need shelter, food, clothing, drinking water, bedding, tools and medical supplies. People can be difficult to reach therefore Kits must be light enough to be airlifted and carried by two people. No time must be lost so Kits are kept in safe storage close to where they’re likely to be needed. They can be distributed within days, sometimes hours, of a humanitarian emergency.

Each Kit holds over 60 items packed in a 78-litre container which can be used to treat drinking water – there are purifying tablets for this purpose.

With a little ingenuity, families can create a shelter from tarpaulins using the hammer and nails provided. There’s a folding shovel for digging trenches. Food is key so there’s fishing gear, a hunting knife, and cooking equipment. As well as basic clothing, there are bed covers for warmth. Maintaining hygiene and treating minor injuries is important too; a medical pack with items such as soap, painkillers and antiseptic cream provides the basics. 

The contents of the Kits are reviewed regularly based on feedback from partners in the Pacific and communities that have received the boxes. 

An ERK costs $600 but every dollar helps towards assembling the Kits with their life-saving contents and having them airfreighted. Thank you for your gift. 

Partner Projects

There are many vulnerable communities that Rotary New Zealand, together with its overseas partners, supports around the world.  Our aim is to help these communities become self-sufficient and improve their standard of living. Your donation enables us to continue and extend our development work and make a real difference to people’s lives.

What is it to be vulnerable? Every project is different but most individuals and communities lack the basics such as access to clean water, food and shelter, basic health and education. They may be vulnerable in other ways too. For instance, they might lack the skills and resources to provide for themselves and their families. There may be inequalities in the community that mean some people or groups are disadvantaged. Communities may suffer because leadership is weak or non-existent and people don’t feel involved in decision-making.

Rotary New Zealand participates in supporting projects that are sustainable, that bring about lasting change - change that minimises harm to the environment. It only funds development projects that can demonstrate that activities will increase the capacity of organisations, communities and individuals. Partners must also demonstrate to Rotary New Zealand that they are fully committed to a project – both parties working together to bring about change.

Rotary New Zealand’s input goes far beyond funding. It may be involved in appraising project design, monitoring and evaluating projects once they’re underway, providing volunteers when required, ensuring all activities are cost-effective, and so on.

We greatly value your contribution to our work.

Eradicate Polio


There is no cure for polio, a crippling and potentially fatal disease. The good news is that the spread of this very infectious disease can be prevented through immunisation.

The number of polio cases has declined by more than 99.9% from over 350,000 in 1985 to 22 in 2017, but as long as children remain unvaccinated and cases remain, there is still work to be done.

Since Rotary and its partners began the Global Polio Eradication Initiative 30 years ago, the number of polio endemic countries has declined from 125 to 3 in 2017 - Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is a huge achievement but the effort must be sustained to ensure every child is vaccinated including those in challenging environments. The goal is to stop transmission completely. Without full funding and political commitment, polio could return to previously polio-free countries, putting children everywhere at risk.

Thanks to immunisation we’re polio free in New Zealand. There hasn’t been a reported case since 1962. Many New Zealanders, however, are affected by post polio syndrome. They have to live with their disabilities - a reminder of just how vital immunisation is.

Eradicating polio is within our reach. Please help us achieve our goal. Thank you.

Disaster Relief

Emergencies happen only too frequently in the Pacific. Thanks to your donations, we’re able to respond rapidly to help those affected by natural disasters. When there’s an event, Rotary New Zealand first conducts a needs assessment, then within hours or days, and working with in-country partners and Rotary clubs, distributes emergency supplies.  

Apart from its role in funding Kits and other emergency supplies, New Zealand Rotarians support communities as they transition into the recovery phase and beyond.

A recent example: Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu, March 2015. The powerful tropical cyclone which reached speeds of 250km per hour tore through Vanuatu killing 11 people and injuring many more. It destroyed and damaged buildings and homes, food crops and livelihoods, and infrastructure such as roading, water services, power supplies and telecommunications. 

Rotary New Zealand supplied 1000 Emergency Response Kits and 50 water purifiers immediately following the disaster. Since then it has supported and continues to support partner agencies with funding and by providing school equipment, medical supplies and building materials. 

Collaborative efforts between Rotary Australia World Community Service, Rotary New Zealand, individual Rotary clubs and partner agencies such as Pacific Pathways Trust have seen a number of schools and kindergartens rebuilt on Ambryn and Paama Islands. Construction and resourcing is still underway so any donations to this and other disaster relief projects are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Your donation to Rotary New Zealand's projects greatly assists our work. Thank you. Every gift is appreciated and is tax-deductible in New Zealand.

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